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   I have been in business for over 30 years. I have also been married for over 30 years. The Secret for being married over 30 years, with the same person is letting them know how much you appreciate them. But that is the Secret for building any strong relationship, including your business relationships.

   So that is why we started Appreciate U Marketing. To provide business owners with the knowledge, tools, resources and a system for building strong personal relationships with their connections and turning them into great referral partners or clients. We know that the follow up is the KEY!!! But how are you doing on that?

48% of People DON’T DO IT
90% of People DON’T DO IT Enough
99% of People DISLIKE Doing It 

Whatever percentage you fall under, we can help. By providing our Touchless Business Cards, we can help you with your follow up from the begainning.



Appreciate U Thanks goes out to Ash Fields for ordering his Special Event Package (2 Touchless Business Cards and a 11x14 with frame picture and QR-Code). Great way to receive their information for your follow up at your events.

Another Appreciate U Thanks goes out to Travis and the crew at Sweet Union Brewing for support Local Businesses. Make sure you go by and say hi and show your support to them. 


Community Display for Sweet Union Brewing

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