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There are 2 things I am passionate about at this stage in my life.

  1. Connect people to enhance collaboration.
  2. Improve my health and lose weight.

As a Connector: Have you ever had an issue or a need that came up unexpectedly? Did you find yourself "wasting" too much time away from running your business just to find a company that could help? I can help!!! My license plate says Connector. I connect people that have needs to businesses that can help with that need. I believe that every need leads to a connection and every connection starts from a need. There are 2 kinds of needs. Need for a service or a product (one you are ready to invest in) and need for an introduction prospective clients or to collaborate with other providers serving the same type of clients (you are wanting to make money). Let me be your go to person for BOTH. One tool through which I do this is the MBizCard. As my gift to you, I encourage you to click the image below my picture or the one in the footer of my card to get started with a FREE Starter Package ($50/Year Value).

As Someone Improving Their Health: For years I have struggled with issues regarding my weight and health. I have tried different things off and on, but just this year found something that is really working for me. I started using the Keto and nutritional products provided by It Works! Their name says it all. If you are wanting to improve your health and lose weight, I encourage you to join me on this journey so that in a year from now we can both say "It Works!" To learn more, click on the links in the Menu section of my MBizCard.

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