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What Is Your Need Today?


What do we do?

Have you ever had an issue, or a problem that came up unexpectedly? Did you find yourself wasting a lot of time away from your business trying to find a solution? We can help. I have been working directly with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Sales Reps for over 20 year to find the right solution for their needs. Yes sometimes this means outsourcing it. (Paying others to do the job) This can save you time and we all know saving time = making more money.

In 2020 I realized small businesses are stronger when they have multiple streams of income. So we added this to our services. Now we help create new streams of income for small businesses through collaborating ventures. 

How does it work? 

[1] We are a needs Group. Let us know what your need is by filling out the "What Is Your Need today" form. We will connect you to someone that can help with your needs. If you would like to be one of the businesses we refer, get your name on the list (The Connector's List). To be on the list it cost $100 a year.

[2] Every member gets a Connector Card (Touchless Business Card) A $75 VALUE. This helps us connect and refer you to others better. During the card design process, our team will learn about your business and offer connections to other members in our group that are serving the same customers as you or can help with your needs. As a member, we will refer your business to others based on their needs.  

[3] We have partnered up with local breweries to connect sales reps with other sales reps that support local breweries. Place your Connector Card on a Display in 2 local Breweries for a $150 a year "You pick the breweries." You don't have a Connector Card? Get your card and advertise in a brewery for $150.   

[4] If you are looking for a new streams of income, we can make those introductions and participate in the process of designing a business arrangement where you both can pool your efforts, contacts, and customers.

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