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Traditional Business Card Versus The Connector Card

2020 made us more aware of the spreading of germs when giving out traditional business cards. This is why we’ve created the "Touchless Business Card” where you provide your information and/or capture customer's information by scanning the QR-Code.

90% of business cards are thrown away and 88% within a week. Only 8% are saved in an address book or CRM program. Why? Because they cannot read the infomation on the card. The more information you add on your card, the smaller the letters and this makes it hard to read. If you can't read the card, you will throw it away.

People will not throw these The Connector Cards away nor pass germs because you never give the cards away. The less words are better. Let the picture WOW them and the QR-Code do all the work.

Traditional business cards cost around $50 for 500 cards. This limits the number of people you can share your business information with. If you change jobs or need to change something on the card, you have to reorder. If someone quiets, you have to reorder new cards for the new person.

The Connector Card cost $6.25 a month (paid annually $75 a year) with unlimited scans. The more you share about your business, the more it will grow. If you change jobs or need to change something on the card, you don't need to reorder. We just change the infomation on your card for free. Even if someone quiets, we just replace their infomation on the card with the new person's information for free.

Why people love our cards, Germ Free, ECO Friendly, Affordable, and Made in the USA.

Stop sharing germs and start scanning your card. Fill out the form and a team member will contact you shortly.


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