Ronnie Evans

Ronnie Evans


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Our Story

It starts with your Health

Everyone has a story and every story has a purpose. Why, because someone needs to hear your story. So here is ours. 

As for a couple that is on the go all the time. Our health was being neglected. We have tried different things off and on but it never would work because of our lifestyle being on the go.

Then a friend told us about some coffee he was drinking that has been helping him lose weight and getting healthier. After trying the coffee and some of their other products, we realized these are great for people like us on the go. After a year of taking the products, we lost together over 75lbs (and have kept it off), we have more energy, and now Enjoying Life Full-Time!!!

By deciding to do the business, we were able to get our house out of foreclosure, replace a car that got repossessed and paid off some of our debt.(and that was in the first year) Then bought another car, paid over 10k towards our debt and still Enjoying Life Full-Time!!!

Then in 2021, I was having a hard time breathing so Amy took me to the doctor. They sent me directly to the hospital because my oxygen level was at 60%. Yes I had Covid and it turned into pneumonia. I was in the hospital for 6 days then released. The 7th day (at home) they took me off for oxygen and both doctors said "whatever you have been doing, Keep doing. That helped you recover faster." Then I realized whatever you do today will affect you tomorrow, the next week, the next month, and the rest of your life, positive or negative you make The Choice.

 Our Passion is to help people live a Healthy Lifestyle & create residual income to pay their residual bills. If you would like to see how we can help you, use this link to schedule a time that works for you 

Looking forward to helping you start "Enjoying Life Full-Time"

Ronnie & Amy


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